Selasa, 04 Oktober 2011

I Will Fly - Ten 2 Five

you know all the things i’ve said
you know all the things that we’ve done
and things i gave to you
there’s a chance for me to say
how precious you are in my life
and you know that it’s true

* to be with you is all that i need
coz with you my life seems brighter
and these are all the things i wanna say

i will fly into your arms
and be with you til the end of time
why are you so far away
you know it’s very hard for me
to get myself close to you
you’re the reason why i stay
you’re the one who cannot believe
our love will never end
it is always in my dream
you’re the one who cannot see this
how could you be so blind repeat

* repeat reff


Lagi di warnet, tiba-tiba ada lagu ini. Mana operatornya ikut-ikutan nyanyi pula! Dasar sarap! Tapi bagus juga suaranya, tapi akan lebih bagus lagi kalo dia diam! Hahahaha. Kalo ada bata disampingku, mungkin aku udah pake buat bikin rumah (nah loh kagak nyambung)

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